The Wanderers was founded in 1983 by professional musicians from Quebec, Belgium,
Slovenia and Germany.Since this time they have traveled extensively through Europe and
North America.
Closer to home, The Wanderers performed at Expo86, Vancouver, at the German Festhaus. In
the USA they have been featured in Sarasota, Orlando, Chicago, and have also played for
Octoberfest in the states of Vermont and New York.
Their participation at the Mondial de la Bière and the Fêtes Gourmandes in Montreal have
become a yearly ritual. They have also been featured on television for Radio Canada's
Demons du Midi
and Les Anges du Matin.
In between their traveling, The Wanderers have animated,with great success, at the Old
Munich in Montreal (from 1983 until 1994).
The Wanderers unique show includes attractions such as the Alpenhorn, the cowbells (with
audience participation) and yodeling songs.Their repertoire includes more than 300 songs.
On stage The Wanderers are dressed in Bavarian costumes.
Always a spirited and exciting band, The Wanderers combine good music and a pleasant
appearance to make any and every party a huge success. The animation can be done in English,
French and Flemish.